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9apps Pretty calculator

Calculations are a part of day to day life. Calculations are done not just by people who run business but also why people who belong to normal household. The category of students is the category which is in the need of calculator the most. Get your calculator from 9apps store. The most oldest form of calculator is abacus. It was used for doing even complex calculations. after abacus came the traditional calculator which is still used by many people for the purpose of making various calculations. But technology has changed the way things were used. Smartphone is a device which has almost every kind of alternate to the traditional devices. For example alarm clocks were used so that an individual can wake up at time in the morning but the same alarms are available in the smartphone and most of the people are using the alarms in smartphone instead of using the traditional alarms because it comes more handy. Same is the case with audio and video recorder, camera, watch, calendar etc. Smart…